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The abitofallright.com index of recommended webmaster, optimization ("SEO") and monetization resources (linked listings to a variety of webmastering resources that are G-rated and intended for viewing by the general public).

Webmastering Guides

Glossary Index
Quick and easy dictionary word lookup tool with live word input feedback.

HTML Character Code lookup chart. Find the code you need to produce that special character you need for the textual copy on your website.

phpinfo() File
How to make a phpinfo() file in order to view your web server configuration information. Often times you need to find out specific server configuration information in order to install and run a specific web application or script, or just to troubleshoot your server. If your server has php installed, you can get a great deal of this info by making, uploading and running a phpinfo file from your server through your browser.

Robots File
Robots File: How to create a robots.txt file, edit and utilize the robots text file to your advantage for your website's optimization with the search engines by addressing their concerns and directing traffic.

Webmaster Software

SSL Security Certificates
Affordable SSL (Secure Socket Layer) hosting server secure communication/transaction encryption certificates from Domain Hostmaster.

Server Certificate Info
Server security certificates encrypt data between the website and the client's browser so that private data such as credit card transactions, employment applications and personal data can be exchanged between the two parties without the data being seen by others. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) server certificates actually enable e-Commerce on the web.

MODx stands for MODular and eXtensible, and it is perhaps the easiest-to-use, easiest-to-design for, easiest-to-develop for, most robust open source Content Management System and scripting framework available on the market today (on either the Linux or Windows platforms).

Simple Machine Forums
Simple Machines Forums (aka SMF) is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up and administrate your own online community within minutes. Get social with Simple Machine Forums!

Website Optimization

Meta Tags and SEO
Get the real truth about meta tags and why they really are important to website optimization and promotion. Discover how to use the standard meta tags to your advantage. When to use them, how and why you might avoid using some of them. Optimize your website for search to allow the search engine crawlers to do a better job cataloging the information on your site by utilizing the real truth behind metas.

Google Webmaster Guidelines
All webmasters need to know the rules so as to not over-promote themselves or do something that would ban them from the search engines. Read and understand the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Website Submission

Add URL Engine
Add your URL to multiple directories from a single resource web directory. Provided by a small directory network of partners willing to add new resources to their database in order to provide users with the best information and search results possible. Because there are just way too many web directories out there and you might not otherwise submit to theirs until they are bigger and more important (and have more influence).

Website Promotion

Website optimization and promotion. Using SEO and online marketing to attain Pg. 1 listings in the US search engine results for specific keywords.


Hyperlink Directory
Not a link directory, but a web directory of hyperlinked listings showcasing good quality family friendly and kid safe websites.

Active Search Results
Finally, a real search engine with its own ranking system that does not rely on being listed on other directories and search engines to skew results in your favor.

Website Monetization

Parking PPC
Just like the search engines, the domain name parking industry changes constantly. The problem is that most parking services, while intending to provide a valuable service, simply fall short based on the fact that they are at the whim of the search engines, which don't want to display sites of advertising. Yet, there are plenty of appropriate solutions in answer to the issues associated with parking.

PPC Ad Income
Pay-Per-Click advertising income is a great way to monetize well trafficked websites. Display ads and get paid for every click. However, you have to remember that any Google AdSense advertisements will compete directly with your content.

Webmaster Communities

Web Forums 9
Nine web based forums for related webmaster discussions. A platform for new and old webmasters alike to share, teach and learn from each other. Our 9 main forums include: Announcements/News; General Discussions/Topics; Domains/Domaining; Web Hosting, Servers and Clouds; Web Design/Development; Webmastering; Web Promotion and Online Marketing; Website Monetization; Mobile/Device App/Game Development. These are further split into discussion boards within each forum. Come join us if you need some webmastering help, or need a push in the right direction to get your website online.


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