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The abitofallright.com index of recommended technology resources (linked listings to a variety of computer and smart device resources that are G-rated and intended as safe for viewing by the general public).


Flash Jump Drive
The Flash Jump Drive uses the USB port to communicate with the modern computer, as well as many tablets and hand held devices. It gets its name from the fact that it uses flash memory to hold data, because it can be used to transport (jump) data from one computing device to another and because it functions as a data drive.

Tweedrops: Backdrops and Wallpapers
Backdrops and wallpapers. Find the best backgrounds for your system. Hi-Def wallpapers available.

Windows Laptops

Windows Notebooks
Windows compatible laptops, notebooks, netbooks and hand held devices. Mobile PC computing. Windows notebook and netbook reviews, tech support articles, computer care tips, peripherals and accessories. Notebook gaming and online communities. Computer life on the go.

PDA Widgets
Hand held computing device (PDA and smart-phone) application software and related technology reviews.


4G Zones in the US
4th Generation wireless networking technology and the 4G capable zones and their supporting networks within the United States.

PDA Widget
Reviews of and recommendations for software applications for the Android platform personal digital assistant (PDA) and such devices as smart phones and similar hand held computing devices.

Radio Frequency IDentification Equipment and Resources. Business inventory tracking technology. RFID technology implementation, equipment, resources, service & supplies. RFID inventory tagging, tracking & management.

High-Definition information on: Televisions, Blu-ray video players, movie discs and accessories. High-Def digital media recording & storage discs. High-Def information & resources.

Hi-Def Businesses
Hi-Def videography and television entertainment resources. High Definition digital video cameras, HDTV, Blu-ray, Hi-Def and video archival on DVD discs. Products, accessories, review sites, businesses, dealers and info.

High-definition widescreen television, Blu-ray hi-def discs and players, high-def video gaming and interactive multimedia entertainment. Articles, reviews, comparisons, advantages, systems and accessories.

HD Disc
Information about utilizing disc media for high definition video production in professional as well as in consumer (home) based environments.

HiDef Disc
High Definition video discs and portable disc archival media.

XBOX and PC Gaming/Networking
XBOX and PC video gaming. Interactive and multimedia entertainment systems, mods and interoperability networking solutions information and resources website. Don't throw away something that isn't broken, all XBOX machines are very affordable and capable computing and entertainment systems.

Mission Planet
Interplanetary space travel to the moon and to Mars. A scientifically curious community. What challenges must we overcome to return to the moon, and traveling on to Mars. Space stations on the moon and Mars. Will space elevators be ready in time?


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