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The Cleaver Movie
"Cleaver" is the fictitious horror movie that the Sopranos had released before Christopher Moltisanti was whacked by his family mob boss and cousin, Tony Soprano, in the popular HBO Television series, "The Sopranos". This site allows you to view as much of the film as possible along with a few back stories about it.

PDA Widgets
Hand held computing device (PDA and smart-phone) application software and related technology reviews.

Dark Shades Network
The Dark Shades Network website is for the promotion and support of your favorite dark sunglasses. Sunglasses do not necessarily have to be considered dark, as they are tinted or polarized glasses. Dark glasses are considered shades. Therefore, dark shades should be considered very dark (dark sunglasses, or dark shades).

High-Definition information on: Televisions, Blu-ray video players, movie discs and accessories. High-Def digital media recording & storage discs. High-Def information & resources.

Media Theater Studio eXperience: Your home entertainment video/movie/music/gaming media theater system studio eXperience.

The XBOX Box and aXcessories.

XBOX Mod Center for the XBOX Media Center. Use your XBOX like a PC, as its a strong computing platform. Network 6 in parallel to create your own super computer system.

Do we wear dark glasses as a fashion statement, or as a means of protection? Do we wear dark glasses to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun, from flying debris while riding bicycles and motorcycles, or simply just to maintain some anonymity as we hide our faces from being recognized by prying eyes?


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